Banana And Manuka Honey Milkshake Recipe

Yum! Here is your banana and manuka honey milkshake on its way......

PREPARATION- Takes 5 minutes. 1 medium banana peeled and sliced. 150ml (5fl oz) natural yoghurt, 1 tbsp manuka honey, 125ml (4fl oz) semi-skimmed milk.

SERVE IMMEDIATELY- Put fruit, yoghurt, honey and milk into processor/blender and mix until smooth. Pour into some tall glasses and serve. Makes 2 servings.

Manuka Honey was traditionally used as a wound dressing by certain cultures including the native Maoris of New Zealand.

The properties and benefits of this wonder stuff are fast being recognised by westerners.

There are different types available, but it is only the Active Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) form that has been tested and proven to fight certain types of bacteria that can cause infected wounds and peptic ulcers for example.

Active UMF will boost your child's immune system, which means a stronger body and defense against infection. Now that is good news!!

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