Celery And Grape Juice Recipe

Yum! Here is your celery and grape juice on its way...

PREPARATION- Takes 10 minutes. 2 sticks of celery, washed, generous handful of red grapes, washed.

Cut into large chunks, feed through juicer along with the grapes to extract their juices. Pour into some small glasses and serve.

SERVE IMMEDIATELY- Makes 2-3 servings.

Unlike hardly any other fruits, grapes have the ability to calm the nervous system. Their high mineral content helps to strengthen alkaline reserves in the body, aid proper bowel and kidney function and regulate heartbeat. They are also bursting with iron, which builds hemoglobin in the blood (red blood cells) and vitamins C and E.

It is always best to juice them instead of blending, as some commercial growers have been known to use up to 40 different pesticides and chemicals that settle in the skin of the fruit, but most of this will end up in the pulp after juicing.

When buying, look out for good coloured, firm fruit. When you pick up a bunch of grapes none should drop off. Be aware of mushy, soggy and dried up brown stems!

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