Cucumber And Pear Juice Recipe

Yum! Here is your cucumber and pear juice on its way...

PREPARATION- Takes 10 minutes. 1 washed cucumber, 2 pears peeled and cored, 4 sprigs of fresh washed mint.

Cut the fruit and veg into chunks and feed them into your juicer along with the mint to extract the juice. Pour into some small glasses and serve.

SERVE IMMEDIATELY- Makes 2-4 servings.

Pears are over 85 per cent vitamin rich. As a juice on their own they can be a bit too sweet and a little thick,so they are generally best to mix with other fresh juices.

The best types for juicing are Conference, Comice and Bartlett varieties. They are a fantastic source for vitamins and minerals, including B6 and Copper.

Cucumbers are nature's natural coolants. When shopping, look for dark skin and firmness. Where they have been waxed, you may want to peel them before you juice to get rid of any unwanted pesticides and residues.

These green wonders contain large amounts of bioflavanoids, promoting excellent hair and fingernail growth.

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