The Important Role of Fibre In Your Kid's Diet

Fibre is an essential component that both adults and kids need to help move food through the digestive system. If eaten regularly enough it can prevent constipation and other digestion problems!

You might be surprised to know that it adds no calories to the food we eat, but still gives us that satisfied feeling. It is believed to help prevent diabetes and heart disease and lower the 'bad' cholesterol levels in the body, otherwise known as LDL Cholesterol. This is great news for parents like you who want to prevent such illnesses occurring in your child!

It is mainly found in vegetables, fruits, grains and plants. Foods that are made from plant products (like cereals and breads) along with fruits and vegetables all provide fibre. Whole grain breads and cereals contain more fibre than white bread and rice and are far better for you and your kid's health generally.

TIP- Some great sources to look out for are beans, peas, broccoli, carrots, berries, apples and prunes.

If you child is suffering from a bout of constipation, try a SMALL glass of prune juice with breakfast. This little miracle worker gets to work immediately and is also high in vitamin content.

Some Simple Ways To Include More

  • Use brown rice and wholemeal pasta instead of white.

  • Leave the skins on fruits and vegetables after washing.

  • Replace white flour with wholemeal flour when baking cakes and bread etc.

  • Make fresh fruit and vegetable juices using an electronic juicer.

  • Sprinkle wheat germ and bran on cereal or yoghurt

  • Offer your kids raisins and dried fruit as healthy snacks, and add to salads and other dishes.

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