Healthy Nutrition from Bangladesh

by Arpita

You have an interesting site with some good tips. I agree that healthy nutrition is important right from the start.

In Bangladesh, where I live, khichuri and firni are usually the first two solid foods given to young children. Khichuri are made from rice and lentils (dal). Vegetables such as cauliflower, potato, and green peas are commonly added. A very little amount of vegetable oil is added for cooking. It also includes spices and salts. Khichuri is considered to be a perfect meal for a child as it is easy to cook, easily to digest and it also contains almost all the essential nutrients for being healthy.

Another healthy dish is firni/kheer which is a sweet dish made by broken rice with milk and sugar.

It’s funny how kids will look at some food and decide that they don’t like it before they have even tasted it. I find that as kids get older, they seem to get pickier about what they eat. I was the same way. I can still remember how my mother tried to get my younger brother and me to eat something we didn’t like.

It certainly takes some creativity and extra planning to make sure that kids get a balanced diet. I am getting pretty good at disguising certain vegetables. Luckily for me, fresh fruit is popular in my home. For a very special treat, I sometimes add a small scoop of ice-cream.

My favorite Bengali dessert is Egg Halua. It’s a bit sweet but it also has good things in it, such as milk, eggs, butter, sugar, cinnamon and finely crushed almonds. It is served with breads known as luchis or parathas.

I try to limit snacking between meals. Most days, we have a biscuit or a bit of bread with tea time in the afternoon.

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