Delicious And Healthy Kid Drinks And Recipes

You are on to a great start with healthy kid drinks!

Kids need to be kept well hydrated! You should aim for them to get at least six to eight glasses a day, and on hot days and after exercise considerably more.

Fizzy Drinks and Squashes are bad news as they are packed with sugars and artificial sweeteners and are low in nutrients.

For in between meal drinks, try to give them water and milk as healthy alternatives, and if you are serving fruit juices be sure to dilute with water to reduce the acidity and prevent damaging their delicate tooth enamel.

There are now so many healthy options that you can offer your kids thanks to electronic blenders and juicers. This is a fantastic way to introduce fruit and vegetable based drinks, especially with kids who are unfamiliar with the taste or who are being fussy about textures.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices all boast immune boosting flavanoids and antioxidants, and the fruit smoothies retain their fruits fibre, so it is a brilliant way of getting one or two extra portions in a day!

Smoothies and Juices provide you with a sneaky way to introduce your children to some OMEGA FISH OILS or vitamin supplements that they may otherwise turn down. With all these wonderful fruity flavours, even the pickiest child won't mind chewing a tablet.

Research has shown that Omega 3, 6 and 9 dramatically improve concentration, memory, verbal and spelling skills as well as certain behavioural problems in children.

Juices are just as nutritious for kids as adults, but in lesser quantities. Because fresh juices are so concentrated they need to be diluted by at least half for kids, as otherwise it can be very overpowering for their young digestive systems.

Have a look at these guidelines...

  • Kids from 3-12 years, no more than 5fl oz/145ml fresh juice per day, be certain to dilute.
  • Teenagers are fine to start drinking undiluted juice, but don't go over 8fl oz/230ml servings per day.
  • Try and avoid strong juices such as beetroot, watercress and spinach for kids, if so just use a couple of leaves or a few thin slices and be sure to mix with a milder juice such as carrot or apple.

    Remind the kids that digestion starts in the mouth. Encourage them to 'swill' and 'chew' their juice!

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