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vitamins Remember that the younger they form healthy eating habits the better!

If you only buy healthy, then it is up to the family to choose their favourites amongst the healthy options. If junk food isn't available, it simply isn't an option.


It is estimated that kids in Britain and America eat on average only two servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and one in five sadly have none at all!

Without these hugely important nutrients and the equally important fibre that fruit and vegetables supply, the current and future health of children is being put in jeopardy.

TIP- Keep a food diary. Familiarize yourself with and purchase a good supply of healthy foods and monitor what your child eats for one week. You'll probably find a good two extra portions of fruit, veg and whole grains are needed somewhere.

Five-A-Day may sound daunting, particularly if fruit and vegetables haven't featured much in your family's diet yet. Don't worry; you can start with small servings.

Kids can find it hard to even think about eating a whole stack of vegetables. It's much better for you to provide an amount that you know they will eat and then increase it over time, as they and their appetites grow.

Kid nutrition is all about averages. If your child doesn't get enough of a particular nutrient on one day, don't panic. If they are eating a healthy varied diet, it all balances out at the end of the day. Even if you have a picky eater, you need not worry too much.

The good news is that reaching the daily nutritional requirements is easier than you might think. Even what might seem a small portion often covers a child's daily fibre, iron, and Vitamin C needs.

How to handle picky eaters

We all know what a challenge it is when our kids won't eat certain foods, particularly healthy foods like broccoli and carrots. Even a picky eater can reach their nutritional requirements without you disagreeing with them about their eating habits.

The way forward is not to force your child to eat anything but to continue to provide a healthy range of foods and patiently wait for the phase to pass, as it inevitably does.

When you are introducing healthy foods to picky toddlersand infants, don't give up too quickly. It can often take as many as ten 10 times before kids will take to a new food.

If you keep offering it without forcing, they may end up taking to it after all. If not then just accept that this is their preference. Just like us adults, kids are going to favour certain foods over others.

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