Simple Steps To Shop Smart For Your Healthy Kid Recipe!


Learning to make smart choices at the supermarket will help you to put only the best foods on your family's table.

If you don't already, be sure to make a grocery list before you leave for the shops. Get your head in those cupboards and make sure you aren't repeat buying or getting stuck in the all too familiar 'food ruts'.

Ultimately, this will stop you from overspending and getting taken in by the seductive advertising of junk food!

TIP- Get the kids involved and interested in the healthy eating plan by asking them to go and find specific items from your grocery list.

For a health conscious parent wanting the best ingredients for your healthy kid recipe, it can be a challenging task to buy and provide a constant stream of fresh produce, as it is often hard to find and tends to be quite expensive.

Do not fear!

The secret is knowing where to buy, what to choose and being in the know about... Storing And Preparing Food

Before you start shopping, familiarise yourself with the time of year your family's favourite fruit and veg comes into season. Purchasing 'in season' can prove to be much less expensive, but be wary not to buy too much as it can spoil extremely quickly, particularly in the warmer months.


TIP- Turn a not to be missed bargain box of fruit from the market into a healthy sorbet for the kids. A super healthy alternative to ice cream that you will enjoy too! Just pop your fruit of choice into a blender with a tub of natural yoghurt and a tablespoon of unrefined caster sugar, put into a container and keep in the freezer. Bingo!


Attempt to buy your produce from shops that focus on 'fresh' and who regularly change their stocks. The question we all ask is how do we really know if it's fresh?

Here are some helpful hints about our coloured friends' freshness and ripeness.....

Only choose veg that has a good colour and looks fresh. With a quick squeeze we can tell whether it's nice and firm. With veg like spring onions and green beans, steer clear if they look old and showing signs of rotting.

When buying fruit, try your best to avoid bruised and 'over ripe'. If you get your bananas for example when they still have a greenish skin, they will last a full week instead of a couple of days, and as these are perfect for your kid's lunch box, a good supply is recommended.

ALERT- Remember when buying both fruit and veg, including bananas, don't forget to wash before use, even if it is organic!!

To ensure you maximise your healthy kid recipe, keep the majority of your fruits and vegetables in the fridge at a temperature of 5° C/40° F. Veg will keep in the fridge for anything up to six days. Carrots and Parsnips for example will keep much longer. Be nice to your potatoes and keep them in a cool dark place!

Before you start cooking, don't forget the all important kitchen safety.

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