Cheese And Broccoli Scramble

Yum! Here is your cheese and broccoli scramble on its way...

PREPARATION- Takes 15 minutes.

  • 2 medium sized sprigs of fresh broccoli
  • 1 medium egg
  • tsp of butter/sunflower spread
  • dessert spoon of grated cheddar
  • pinch of salt

    Boil some water in a pan and steam the broccoli using either a metal steamer, or if you have an electronic steamer even better.Steam until tender.

    While that's cooking, melt the butter or spread in a non stick saucepan. Beat the egg in a bowl adding the grated cheese, with a tiny pinch of salt (optional). Pour the mixture into the saucepan and stir continuously until cooked through.

    Cut the broccoli into small pieces and add to the recipe. Serve with some wholemeal toast soldiers and a little butter.

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