Kids And Snacks

Snacks...what are your views on them?

Eating can often be an emotionally charged issue. As a parent, it helps to talk to your child about what it really means to be hungry.

As adults we recognise how humans can ignore the body's signal that it is full, and have seen the effects of this in overweight and obese people, so it doesn't come as a surprise that children who do not realise when they are full, are more likely to be obese.

The word 'hungry' can often be mistaken for loneliness, boredom and other emotions that children are unable to put a name to. If a child is encouraged to eat to relieve these feelings or for example eat sugary foods as a reward for something, this can lead to a life-long problem and dependency.

If your child seems bored or lonely, give them a hug instead of a chocolate bar and suggest an activity that will stimulate them and distract them from unnecessary snacking.


  • Try not to encourage your child to overeat by requesting a 'clean plate'.
  • Let them decide when they have had enough. This encourages them to respond to their own hunger and feelings of satisfaction.
  • If they are regularly leaving a lot of food, try smaller portions.

    Children are highly impressionable and are constantly listening to everything you and their siblings are saying, so remember to all try and display healthy eating habits.

    Snacking is all about providing the right food, in the right amount at the right time. Providing a nutritious after school snack for example, will ease hunger pangs, but still keep them interested in their evening meal.


  • Fruit salad
  • Dried Fruit
  • Fruit smoothies/Fruit shake
  • Low fat/salt tortilla chips with avocado dip
  • Small portion of cheese and crackers
  • Muffin or bagel
  • Raw vegetables with hummus/yoghurt dip
  • Hard boiled eggs

    As you are well aware, kids love to snack, and no food should be banned, not even ice-cream, just be sure to offer it once in a while and not as a snack for everyday.

    Make it easy for your kids by not having high fat, sugary and salt laden foods in the house, or have them hidden in a secret spot. Make sure that fresh fruit and cut up veggies are visible and in easy reach.

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