Your Guide To Storing And Preparing Food

When considering storing and preparing food, take some time to be aware of the following..

  • Check the temperature of your fridge to make sure that it is 5° C/40° F and your freezer is -18° C/0° F or less. The cool temperatures stop the bacteria in foods from multiplying.

  • Keep meat, raw fish and poultry including their juices away from other foods in the fridge and work surfaces. Try and store meat products in the bottom of the fridge to prevent contaminating others.

  • After preparing raw foods, particularly meats and eggs, be sure to wash hands, chopping boards, knives and other utensils thoroughly. Wash chopping boards separately from other utensils and dishes.

  • Be sure to cook meats thoroughly. If need be use a meat thermometer to check. Minced beef for example must be cooked until completely brown inside.

  • Put any leftovers in the fridge as soon as possible. Bacteria in the food can multiply very quickly if left at room temperature.

  • Scrub all fruits and vegetables with water to get rid of any dirt, bacteria and pesticide residue.

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